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Print Date : 29/05/2024
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Model (Link)
KodakPetite Lightning (black)*****Folding Bed1271930
KodakPetite Lightning (Blue)*****Folding Bed1271930
KodakBoy Scout UK*****Folding Bed1271931
KodakGirl Guide UK*****Folding Bed1271931
KodakSix-16 Kodak Can.*****Folding Bed6161932
KodakSix-16 Kodak US*****Folding Bed6161932
KodakSix-20 'Kodak'*****Folding Bed6201932
KodakSix-20 Folding Hawk-Eye***Folding Bed6201933
KodakJunior 620 (Early)****Folding Bed6201933
KodakJiffy Six-16*****Folding Strut6161933
KodakJiffy Six-20*****Folding Strut6201933
KodakDuo 620 4.5*****Folding Bed6201933
KodakSix-16 Brownie*****Box6161933
KodakSix-20 Brownie Junior*****Box6201934
KodakBrownie Pliant Six-16***Folding Bed6161934
KodakSix-16 Brownie Junior*****Box6161934
KodakSix-20 'Kodak' Model C*****Folding Bed6201934
KodakJunior 616****Folding Bed6161934
KodakSix-20 Brownie Junior*****Box6201934
KodakJunior Six-16****Folding Bed6161935
KodakJiffy "Kodak" V.P.*****Folding Strut1271935
KodakRetina I(Type 126)*****Folding Bed1351936
KodakSix-20 Portrait Brownie***Box6201936
Kodak'Hawkeye' Ace*Box1271936
KodakBantam Special*****Folding Bed8281936
KodakBaby Brownie****Solid Body1271936
KodakVollenda 620****Folding Bed6201936
KodakEastman Bullet*****Extending Helix1271936
KodakDuo Six-20 3.5****Folding Bed6201937
KodakJunior 620****Folding Bed6201937
KodakSix-20 'Brownie' B****Box6201937
KodakSix-16 Kodak Model C*****Folding Bed6161938
KodakBantam f.8****Extending Body8281938
KodakBantam 6.3****Folding Strut8281938
KodakSix-20 Hawkeye**Box6201938
KodakSix-16 Brownie Special***Solid Body6161938
KodakSix-20 Bulls Eye Brownie***Solid Body6201938
KodakBantam 4.5***Folding Strut8281938
KodakBaby Brownie Special****Solid Body1271939
KodakSix-20 Brownie Junior UK**Box6201939
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