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Art Deco Cameras

Film for Art Deco Cameras

Choosing the right film for your camera is important. Get the best from your camera and film.

Film for Art Deco Cameras

Common film sizes used in the Art Deco period. Common Formats and film equivalent. How to obtain film for your Art Deco camera.
Film for Art Deco Cameras

Film Latitude

Film exhibits a very wide dynamic range. This gives you a certain amount of latitude when it comes to setting your exposure values
Film Latitude

Reciprocity Failure in Film

Camera f stops and shutter speed are normally linked in a simple way. However, at shutter speeds slower than about 1 second, this relationship breaks down and there is a need to compensate for that failure. This is especially important if you use your camera in 'T' or 'B' mode.
Reciprocity Failure

Producing 127 backing paper from 120 backing paper

The backing paper for using with a 127 spool and film can be cut down from 120 backing paper.
Make 127 Backing using 120 Backing Paper

How to cut 127 film from 120 film

Any 120 film can be cut down to 127 size by using a home built slicing block. You will also need some 127 backing paper which can be sourced in several ways. To do this, please refer to:-
Cut 127 from 120 film