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Art Deco Cameras

Welta Cameras

Here are the Art Deco Welta cameras in my collection with date of introduction and film type.

I use a star system to rate cameras against their Art Deco credentials.

RatingArt Deco Credentials
star star star star starIconic: Famous, well-known and celebrated
star star star starSignificant: Pronounced and self evident
star star starNoteworthy: Worth giving special attention
star starAcceptable: Modest and restricted
starLimited: Minor and insubstantial


star star
Penti II


AGFA was the abbreviation for Aktien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation, given in 1873 to a company that had been founded in Berlin in 1867. It produced chemicals for photography. Most famous is the film developer Rodinal, introduced in 1892 and continued for 115 years. In 1926 it introduced the first real Agfa camera, the Standard. In 1927, the successful Billy camera series was introduced, and Agfa licensed Ansco to manufacture its products for the American market.