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Soho 'The Myna'


Soho Myna
Soho 'The Myna'
Manufacturer: Soho Ltd
Produced: 1929
Classification:Medium Format
Body Type:Folding Bed
Bellows Deployment:Sliding Rail
Film Type:120
Film Width:62mm
Image Size:2¼ x 3¼
No. of Images:8
Lens Type:Meniscus
Focal Length:90mm
Focus Type:Fixed
Focal Range:10ft - inf.
Aperture Type :Fixed
Apertures :f/11
Shutter Type:Rotary
Shutter Speeds:T, I*(1/50s)
Size Open (w x h x d):90 x 170 x 122 mm
Size Closed (w x h x d):90 x 170 x 32 mm
* Measured on this camera

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The Soho Myna was a 120 film folding camera made in England by Soho Ltd. from around 1929. There are four variations: The Myna with meniscus lens(as shown above); The Myna All Distance with meniscus lens; The Myna All Distance with a duplex lens and the S.K.12. All of them have an all-metal body, painted in crinkle-finish black. The Myna has a simple opening mechanism where, after opening, the lens-plate has to be pulled forward by hand to a focus stop.

How to Use

This camera takes 120 film which is widely available.

The aperture is set at about f/11. The measured speed on this camera was 1/40s. As the shutter speed is only 1/40s, it is advisable to use a tripod to get clear shake free images. However, holding it against a wall or other solid object would work as well. For quick snapshots, hold it firmly against your body.

The table shows how this camera will perform using ISO 100/125 film. It is based on the 'Sunny 16' rule. Modern film is so forgiving and will produce acceptable results even when overexposed by 2 or 3 stops or underexposed by 1 stop.

The tables assume that the sun is at least 30 degrees above the horizon - that's 10am - 5pm on a summers day in the UK.

Remember that the exposure guide in the manual may not be helpful as it is based on the use of old film with a low ISO value.

Using ISO 100/125 film - shutter speed 1/40s

Weather ConditionsShadow DetailApertureExposure
with sharp edges
f/11+3 Stops
SunnyDistinctf/11+2 Stops
Slight OvercastSoft around edgesf/11+1 Stops
OvercastBarely visiblef/11Good
Heavy OvercastNonef/11-1 Stops
Open Shade
Nonef/11-2 Stops
Not Acceptable