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Art Deco Cameras

Gnome Cameras

Here are the Gnome Art Deco cameras in my collection with date of introduction and film type.

I use a star system to rate cameras against their Art Deco credentials.

RatingArt Deco Credentials
star star star star starIconic: Famous, well-known and celebrated
star star star starSignificant: Pronounced and self evident
star star starNoteworthy: Worth giving special attention
star starAcceptable: Modest and restricted
starLimited: Minor and insubstantial


Pixie Flex


Gnome Photographic Products actually had its roots in pre-war Stuttgart. It was there that Heinrich Loebstein set up a small factory that produced photographic equipment. His fine quality enlargers, viewers and projectors were exported to various parts of the world, including Cardiff. Loebstein came to Britain in 1938 and set up a factory in Britain's first industrial estate at Treforest. The Treforest complex was meant to encourage new types of industries to south Wales which was still suffering the harsh economic blight of Depression. Gnome was one of the very first companies to establish itself there. Eighteen months after the outbreak of WW2 the Ministry of Aircraft Production took over his new factory at Treforest and Gnome relocated to Cardiff. There they produced enlargers for the Admiralty for use in aerial reconnaissance. After the war Gnome moved into new premises on Caerphilly Road, Cardiff, which became their home for many years to come. They continued to manufacture enlargers and projectors which they exported to 72 different countries.