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Ferrania Elioflex


Ferrania Elioflex
Ferrania Elioflex
Manufacturer: Ferrania
Produced: 1952
Classification:Medium Format
Body Type:Pseudo Twin Lens Reflex
Film Type:120
Film Width:62mm
ImageSize:2¼ x 2¼ in
No. of Images:12
Lens Type:Officine Galileo Monog
Focal Length:85mm
Focus Type:Variable
Focal Range:2.2m - inf.
Aperture Type:Square Iris
Aperture:f/8, f/11, f/16; f/22
Shutter Type :Leaf
Shutter Speeds:B, I(1/25s, 1/50s, 1/55s, 1/100s)
Size Open(w x h x d):78 x 161 x 94 mm
Size Closed(w x h x d):78 x 122 x 94 mm

Art Deco Credentials

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Acceptable: Modest and restricted


The Ferrania Elioflex is a 6x6 pseudo TLR reflex-type camera which has an aluminium die-cast body. It is covered in real leather with polished aluminium beading and satin chrome highlights.

The camera has a folding hood with an oversized brilliant finder. Incorporated into the hood cover is a fold-out, expandable wire-frame sports viewfinder.

Double exposures are impossible with the Elioflex. A special locking device shows a red signal through the lens until the shutter is set by turning the film to the next frame. The shutter will not fire until the red signal disappears. There is a locking lever for keeping the shutter open in bulb mode.

The taking lens is a 85mm f8 Officine Galileo Monog. The focus is changed by screwing out the lens. A square shaped 'iris' allows the aperture to be changed giving a range of aperture sizes from f/8 to f/22.

The Elioflex is fitted with a synchronised flash mechanism with standard 'pc' contacts. A Ferrania folding flash gun is available.

The back of the camera has a sprung cover to the square red window. There is a thread for a tripod on the bottom of the camera.

An exposure table is built into the back of the camera, although in my example it is in Italian.

The camera was available wih a choice of black, blue or green leatherette.

How to Use

This camera takes 120 film which is easily available from most photographic outlets.

You can find the manual for this camera here:- Ferrania Elioflex Manual

If you don't want to bother with an exposure meter, follow the guide shown. It is based on the 'Sunny 16' rule. Film is so forgiving and will produce acceptable results even when overexposed by 2 or 3 stops or underexposed by 1 stop.

Remember that the exposure guide in the camera user manual may not be helpful as it is based on the use of old film with a low ISO value.

The tables assume that the sun is at least 30 degrees above the horizon - that's 10am - 5pm on a summer's day (May to August) in the UK.

If you are not sure about the light level, err on the side of overexposure - i.e. assume the smaller f number.

Where there is a choice, a larger f number will give a larger depth of field.

For the slower speeds (<1/100s), you may need a tripod to stop blur through shake.

Using ISO 100/125

Weather ConditionsShadow DetailShutter Speed (s)
with sharp edges
Slight OvercastSoft around edgesf/22f/16f/11f/8
OvercastBarely visiblef/16f/11f/8-
Heavy OvercastNonef/11f/8--
Open Shade