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Ensign Midget Model 55



Ensign Midget 55
Ensign Midget Model 55
Manufacturer: Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co Ltd
Produced: 1934 - 1941
Body Type:Folding Strut
Film Type:E10
Film Width:35mm
Image Size:1¼ x 1⅝
No. of Images:6
Lens Type:Ensar-Anastigmat
Focus Type:variable
Focal Length:55mm
Focal Range:3ft - inf.
Aperture Type :Iris
Apertures :f/6.3 - f/22
Shutter Type:Variable
Shutter Speeds:T, B, I(1/25, 1/50, 1/100)
Size Open (w x h x d):90 x 45 x 62 mm
Size Closed (w x h x d):90 x 45 x 18 mm

Art Deco Credentials

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Significant: Pronounced and self evident


Metal bodied (pressed steel) miniature folding camera with tapered supporting struts that fold away into the body. When extended, the struts are designed to hold the front panel in a rigid position. It features a simple viewfinder that folds out from the back and top, and also a brilliant finder that is normally closed for vertical views but can swing out when a horizonal view is required. It has a variable focus lens, focussing from 3ft to infinity by turning the front cell of the lens until the pin projecting from it faces any of the 5 positions - inf., 12, 8, 5, 3. The aperture is adjustable between f/6.3 and f/22.

It is one of a set of midgets which have model numbers 22, 33 and 55. These numbers refer to the cost when new - ie. 22 shillings, 33 shillings and 55 shillings. A shilling is 5 pence in today's money. However, in 1935 this was a lot of money. 22 shillings=£75 today. There was a Silver Jubilee model produced in 1935 which had a silver coloured body.

How to Use

Find the manual here. This camera takes Ensign E10 film which is not available except as expired film. It is possible to roll 35mm film into old backing paper.