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Art Deco Cameras

Ebner Cameras

Here are the Ebner cameras in my collection with date of introduction and film type.

I use a star system to rate cameras against their Art Deco credentials.

RatingArt Deco Credentials
star star star star starIconic: Famous, well-known and celebrated
star star star starSignificant: Pronounced and self evident
star star starNoteworthy: Worth giving special attention
star starAcceptable: Modest and restricted
starLimited: Minor and insubstantial


star star star star
star star star star star


Albert Ebner & Co. were a German record-player manufacturer, who also made elegant folding cameras from Bakelite. The company went out of business in 1935. The cameras seem to have mostly sold in Germany. The company was situated on the outskirts of Stuttgart in an area then known as Vaihingen auf den Fildern. They sold two types of camera with very similar styling - the 4.5x6 and the 6x9. They had no other name than the size of the image they took.

Two years after Ebner stopped making cameras, the French camera maker Gallus produced a camera similar Ebner 6x9 called the Gallus Bakelite with nearly identical setup of viewfinder, shutter, lens, and folding mechanism. Perhaps Gallus purchased the tooling and rights to the Ebner camera and sold it under it's own name. Also the Pontiac Bakelite which was identical to the Gallus Bakelite was produced around this time.