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Coronet Midget


Coronet Midget
Coronet Midget
Manufacturer: Coronet
Produced: 1935
Body Type:Spy
Film Type:16mm rollfilm
Film Width:16mm
Image Size:18mm x 13mm
No. of Images:6
Lens Type:Meniscus
Focal Length:27mm
Focus Type:fixed
Focal Range:5ft - Inf.
Aperture Type :Fixed
Apertures :f/10
Shutter Type:Fixed Speed
Shutter Speeds:I(1/30s)
Size (w x h x d):26 x 65 x 34 mm

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The Coronet Midget is a tiny box camera made of Bakelite. It was made by the Coronet Camera Co. in Birmingham, England. This minature camera weighes only 71g. It was made in several colours - black, lime green, olive green, brown, red/black mottled and rose/orange mottled, and later in blue. It takes six 13x18mm exposures on 16mm paper-backed rollfilm. The fixed focus meniscus lens was by Taylor-Hobson. Its aperture is f/10 and the shutter has a speed of a 1/30s. The rear of the camera hinges downward for film loading. A red window centred in the back is used to control film advance, wound by either a plain knob or a hinged D-shaped loop. Some models have a hinged pressure plate, others do not.

The camera is often seen with its special case. It is hand stitched and silk lined and made from the finest leatherette. The case was available in walnut, green, black and red.

How to Use

Find the User Manual Here.

The film is only available as expired film or can be cut down from 120. You will probably have to develop the film by yourself. If you use ISO 100 film, it will be about 3 stops overexposed on a sunny day. However, modern film has sufficient latitude to give pretty good images when overexposed.

When you wind the film on, don't forget to slide the safety latch into position first. The camera is so small, it is too easy to flick the shutter lever by mistake.

Photographs taken with this Camera

Ilford XP2 400 film cut down to 16mm. Developed in Tetenal

The Railway Pub, Cardiff, Wales
The Railway Pub, Cardiff, Wales
The Exchange Pub, Cardiff, Wales
The Exchange Pub, Cardiff, Wales
Insole Stables, Cardiff, Wales
Insole Stables, Cardiff, Wales