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Dekko Bakelite Cine Camera


Dekko Bakelite
Dekko Bakelite
Manufacturer: Dekko
Produced: 1934 - 1939
Classification:Cine Camera
Film Type:Daylight Loading Charger
Film width:9.5mm
Lens Type:Taylor-Hobson Anastigmat
Focus Type:Fixed
Focal Length:23mm
Focal Range:6ft - inf.
Aperture Type :Iris
Apertures :f/2.5 - f/16
Shutter Type:High Grade Clockwork
Shutter Speeds:B &T(8-64 fps), I (single frame)
Size (w x h x d):65 x 135 x 135 mm

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This Dekko features a handsome wearproof bakelite case. Its Art Deco design is prominent and self evident. All metal parts are heavily chromium plated and it has a real leather handle.

It takes most daylight chargers and film. It came with the choice of different lenses which were interchangeable. Mine has got the Taylor-Hobson Anastigmat f/2.5. Other choices included an f/3.5 fixed focus 20mm and an f/2.8 or f/1.5 micrometer focussing lens. It has a large optical viewfinder close to the lens to minimise parallax.

The special high-grade clockwork motor is combined with polished and hardened steel gears. This ensures even and silent running. The powerful mainspring allows 30ft of film to be shot with one winding.

In addition to the normal speed of 16 frames per second, half speed of 8fps and ultra fast speed of 64fps can be used. This allows for real slow motion and other trick pictures to be taken. The operating trigger can be set for single snapshots, short clips or continuous running. The footage indicator shows the exact length of film shot, foot by foot.

It has a tripod bush and a safety door catch to prevent accidental opening.