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Agfa Billy Compur


Agfa Billy Compur
Agfa Billy Compur
Manufacturer: Agfa
Produced: 1934 - 1942
Classification:Medium Format
Body Type:Folding Bed
Bellows Deployment:Self Erecting
Film Size:120
Film width:62mm
Image Size:6 x 9 cm
No. of Images:8
Lens Type:Anastigmat Apotar
Focal Length:105mm
Focus Type:Variable
Focal Range:3ft - inf.
Aperture Type :Iris
Apertures :f/4.5 - f/32
Shutter Type:Compur
Shutter Speeds:T,B, I(1/250s - 1s)
Size Open (w x h x d):105 x 160 x 127 mm
Size Closed (w x h x d):85 x 160 x 35 mm

Art Deco Credentials

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Significant: Pronounced and self evident


The Agfa Billy Compur is a folding 120 film 6×9 format camera by Agfa. There were two versions. The first, as shown here, was produced from 1934 to 1942. It was beautifully lacquered on the sides. It is self-erecting. To close it, it is necessary to pinch the two circular plates located under the lens to unlock it and then close the door. It had Apotar lens and a viewfinder on top plate. This first version stopped being produced during the war because of the need for the German industry to concentrate on the manufacture equipment for the war.

The second variant was produced after the war from 1948 to 1949. It had Solinar lens. The viewfinder and shutter release are on the bottom plate and it was equiped with double exposure prevention. The later version lost its raised chrome strips and glossy black enamel on side panels and therefore a lot of its Art Deco styling.