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Model (Link)
FerraniaIbis 44***Solid Body1271956
Fex IndoSuperfex****Solid Body1271945
Fex IndoUltra Himalaya****Extending Body6201951
Fex IndoUltra Reflex***Pseudo TLR1201952
Franke & HeideckeRolleicord I*****Twin Lens Reflex1201933
Georges ParisGAP 6x9**Box1201947
Georges ParisGAP 6x9***Box1201947
GevaertGevabox Bakelite**Box1201950
GevaertGevabox Metal**Box1201951
HoughtonMay Fair***Folding Bed1201930
Houghton-ButcherBox Ensign 2 1/2*Box1161923
Houghton-ButcherEnsign E20**Box1201927
Houghton-ButcherEnsign E20**Box1201927
Houghton-ButcherEnsign E29*BoxE291930
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Pocket E20**Folding Bed1201930
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Pocket Twenty****Folding Bed1201931
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Pocket Twenty****Folding Bed1201931
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Midget 55****Folding StrutE101933
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Midget 33****Folding StrutE101933
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Selfix 20g****Folding Bed1201933
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Midget 22****Folding StrutE101934
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Mickey Mouse****BoxM101935
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Double-8***Folding Strut1271935
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Selfix 20j****Folding Bed1201936
Houghton-ButcherEnsign Selfix 220***Folding Bed1201939
Houghton-ButcherBarnet Ensign Ross Ful Vue II***Solid Body1201950
IlfordCraftsman***Pseudo TLR1201949
IlocaQuick A*Solid Body35mm1952
KodakBoy Scout USA*****Folding Bed1271929
KodakNo 2 Beau Brownie (Tan)*****Box1201930
KodakNo 2 Beau Brownie (Blue)*****Box1201930
KodakNo 1A Gift Kodak*****Folding Bed1161930
KodakNo 2 Beau Brownie (Maroon)*****Box1201930
KodakNo 2A Beau Brownie (Maroon)*****Box1161930
KodakNo 2A Beau Brownie (Tan)*****Box1161930
KodakHawkette*****Folding Strut1201930
KodakBoy Scout UK*****Folding Bed1271931
KodakSix-20 'Kodak'*****Folding Bed6201932
KodakSix-16 Kodak US*****Folding Bed6161932
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